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LaRecipe is simply a code driven package provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation like this for your product or application inside your Laravel app. However, the usage of LaRecipe is not limited to creating documentation only 😏. See an example.

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Markdown Support UI Vue Component SEO Support Google Analytics Caching Versioning Support Authentication Authorization Artisan Commands Keyboard Shortcuts Responsive UI


LaRecipe package uses internally some open-source third-party libraries/packages, many thanks to the web community:

  • Creative Tim - Awesome people, thanks for Argon library.
  • Laravel - Open source full-stack framework.
  • Bootstrap 4 - Open source front end framework.
  • Vue - The Progressive JavaScript Framework.
  • Bootstrap Vue - Vue components for Bootstrap 4.
  • erusev/parsedown-extra - PHP markdown parser.
  • symfony/dom-crawler - Dom manipulation.
  • phpunit/phpunit - PHP unit testing library.
  • orchestra/testbench - Unit test package for Laravel packages.